For more than 20 years Georgina Ritchie has been guiding and supporting people confronting health, relationship and business challenges.
This is a time unlike any others in our history in that we have the knowledge to free ourselves from the limitations of our personal and collective past. We have the opportunity to live in awakened consciousness. That means being aware of the choices we make and how we think about situations we are facing. We can now influence and change the direction and success of our lives. Georgina’s psychic abilities enable her to see pathways out of difficult situations and toward comfortably achieving long cherished goals. Her insight gives clarity and positive meaning to the past and frees up energy to build future success and a sense of control. Her techniques span from ancient time proven methods to cutting edge mind/body medical knowledge.
What clients most often say is, “I feel so much better than I did when we started talking." You will feel you have a compassionate friend, new tools, and a support system for making your life a truly fulfilling journey. 

Client Quotes

I’m so thankful you are in my life.” (Mary M.)

“I always feel such a sense of gratitude to you for all the help you have given me over the years.” (Freddi W.)

“Georgina has been there to help me deal with difficult people and problems. She shines the light of incredible wisdom, makes you feel good about yourself and shows you the way.” (Joel P.)

“There are times in my practice when I demand - not suggest or insist, but demand - that a client of mine see Georgina. And, every time the client has the same sensation: that a huge weight has been lifted off their shoulders - and they thank me profusely.” (Robert S.)

“Having been through two major health crises my work with Georgina enabled me to manage the stress and overcome frightening illness.” (Martin H.)

“Part friend, part visionary guide, part humorist. Georgina has shown me a better way of thinking, feeling, living.” (Carolee B.)