Counseling Services:

Past Life Clearing

More than half the world's populations and many ancient Eastern religions and cultures believe in reincarnation.

Georgina has found that removing negative past life emotional experiences can explain and help resolve difficult relationships in present life. A past life trauma blocks the ability to experience the success we seek in this lifetime.

Clients choose either a procedure during which they remember and tell Georgina about their past life experience or they choose a process by which she does the clearing and brings the resulting information to the client.

Clients say:

"Through working with georgina i have a better understanding of who i am. It never would have occured to me when beginning our work that Past life recall would assist me in my future experience of natural child birth. The birth was beautiful and I used skills i had learned in the distant past."
— Jean Pettigrew Wilen, Artist
"With her wise, gentle touch Georgina has helped me work through challenging issues using past life guided meditation. This powerful tool took me to old, almost foreign parts of myself and healed ancient wounds."
— Patrick Goggin, Attorney at Law
"A long relationship ended and I felt unable to move on, release depression, and build a new life for myself. Past life clearing removed the feeling of being stuck. I am now living a life full of love and happiness."
— A. Kelleher, Ayurvebic Healer