Counseling Services:

Health Stress & Pain Management

Georgina has her San Francisco office within the offices of a world renouned medical doctor and has worked with physicians both in and out of the hospital setting throughout her career.

She has guided many from frightening diagnosis and chronic pain to health and well being. She provides unwavering support and teaches medically tested techniques to reduce stress, control and reduce pain and increase favorable outcomes of medical treatment.

Clients say:

"Having been through two major health crisis, my work with Georgina enabled me to manage the stress that comes with illness. She helped me regain my health and may have saved my life."
— Martin J. Held, CEO M.S., Held Co.
"My meetings with Georgina helped me learn how to take control of my negative fear-based thinking. I now can see the effect of my thoughts on my level of stress and pain. This worked."
— C. Pierce Operations, Manager Pac Bell
"Georgina is a magnet for miracles. I can literally feel her healing energy field when I am in her presence."
— J. Coble, Architect