About Georgina

For more than twenty years Georgina Ritchie has been guiding and supporting people with difficult health and emotional challenges.

Her techniques include sensitive client-centered counseling, guided visual imagery, hypnotherapy techniques, dedicated support, and emotional and spiritual coaching. Georgina is skilled in working with the stress, anger, guilt and fear that often accompany a physical or emotional challenge. The pain reduction techniques she works with have lessened or sometimes completely relieved even long-term chronic pain.

Georgina's work proves that a health challenge can be a vehicle for growth and that growth can produce deep levels of physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

Georgina Ritchie is an Intuitive Healer and a certified Louise Hay teacher with more than 20 years counseling experience. She is not a licensed therapist psychologist, MFCC or psychiatrist. Her training and background is psychic and spiritual.

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