Counseling Services:

Personal Counseling

Georgina Ritchie provides affordable, effective client-centered counseling. She helps clients see their old self self protective thinking and behaviors can be gently changed to gain a better sense of control and desirable outcomes. Some clients come seeking direction when facing a major life change. Some come to get "unstuck" and are enabled to see and learn how to implement new options. Many require only short-term counseling to gain new and more effective tools to attain peace of mind.

Clients say:

"I always feel better when I leave Georgina's office than I did when I came in. And, I always have new tools and ways of thinking that positively change my life experience."
— Carol Bergeron, Entrepreneur
"Georgina has shown me a better way of thinking, feeling and living. She is part friend, part visionary guide and part humorist."
— Carolee Bol, Producer/Writer
"Georgina Ritchie has helped restore my soul. She is my life coach."
— Cherie Carter, Graphic Designer/Artist